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There are lots of people that can paint schools, but we'd rather help set up a bicyle workshop and train local people in bicycle mechanics; or deliver training material to enable local entrepreneurs take the next step in making their fledgling business take flight; or help set up a monitoring system for measuring the effectiveness of funding.  I think you get the idea.

We’d like to be sure that the work we do utilises our skills

Seems obvious enough - no point in spending time on a cause that doesn’t touch our hearts.  We'll be spending time with projects that have ties to the environment & sustainable development, education, or sport (cycling in particular) or combinations thereof.

We need to be inspired by the people and the cause

Frequently, these programs cost £500 - £1,000 a week each.  That is a lot of travelling we could do, considering a day to day budget on the rest of the trip is anything from $60 to $100 for both of us per day!

We don’t want to join a volunteer program that requires paying a fee to participate


Like many overland trips before us, we are keen to do more than merely travel: we want to make a difference.  We have discussed the manner of undertaking this with

many people, and eventually we decided that we’d like to be a conduit for sharing.  We’d like to share what we can of ourselves - our knowledge, our skills - with those we meet along the way.  Of course, in return, we expect that we’ll learn so much from those are generous with their time, knowledge and experiences, and we look forward to sharing their stories onwards.

We have a few ideals we’d like to adhere to - preferences we have for our own involvement during this incredible adventure:

The Ted Simon Foundation’s mission is as follows:

Travellers survive and flourish by adapting to the world around them. As a result they learn a particular truth about the societies they move through. What they learn can be of great value in explaining the peculiarities of foreign cultures and in reaffirming what is common to all of us; generosity to strangers and a desire to live in peace. The purpose of the Foundation is to bring those truths to the general public, to counter the generalisations of the media, and to remind us all that life is lived family by family, mile by mile, regardless of the great issues which may be dominating the news.

We believe that all travellers have it in them to be reporters of truth in the world, and we want to encourage them to broadcast that truth by whatever means may be appropriate. The honest personal experiences of perceptive observers have great power to remind us that we all share this world. Our ultimate aim is to promote understanding, reduce tension and to favour the chances of peace in our world.

We are so privileged to be announced as Jupiter’s Travellers, and we look forward to honouring the Foundation’s mission in the coming year.

Sharing to inspire

Whatever we possess becomes of double value when we have the opportunity of sharing it with others

Jean-Nicolas Bouilly

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Ted Simon Foundation

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