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Henry David Thoreau


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Stage 2 Departure

from Johannesburg


25th April 2013

Stage 1 Departure

from Harwich


10th October 2012

We have dreamed about driving through Africa for years, but it always remained just that - a fantasy, something we’d love to  

do, but never really believed we would, or could actually follow through on.

And then one day we thought - why not?

Life is just too short to wait until retirement to start doing everything we want to do. And in any case, the way that retirement ages are rising, we’ll probably be working until we are 85 before we retire on pension anyway!

Our love of wildlife, nature and African wilderness has also spurred us into action - if we wait until we retire, there may not be much wildlife to see, nor wilderness to experience.

So we are taking the plunge and living our dream!

We’ll be making the journey between Nordkapp in Norway - referred to as the northern-most point on the European mainland - and Cape Agulhas in South Africa, the southern-most tip of Africa. The plan is to spend some time in Europe, before touching African soil.  

This website allows you to share our dreams, adventures and explorations with us.  Hopefully it will inspire you to realise your own dreams, whatever they may be.

Please take some time to have a look around.  You’ll find information about who we are, and share our many thoughts, fears, excitements in our journal as we make endless decisions while we prepare ourselves and our vehicle. Read about our adventures as we plan our route, finalise our travel dates, and finally embark on our journey.  As we pick up tips and information, and talk to fellow adventurers in this friendly overland community, we’ll share them with you through useful links.  Of course, we’d love to hear from you too, so please take time to contact us with any thoughts or questions you have.  

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