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As with anything worth doing, there is lots of hard work beforehand!  These pages will be updated as we make progress with getting ourselves and our trusty vehicle - Brodie - fit for the adventure.

Preparing ourselves Money Matters

Vehicle revamp

Everything about getting our trusty vehicle suitably mechanically sound to take us on our adventure.

Sewing Projects

Explorers’ prep

Are the adventurers up for the challenges? Read here about training courses, skills and paperwork preparation.

Paper trail

Paperwork is, unfortunately, a necessary evil to enable a smooth flowing trip. This section covers the paperwork for the adventure.  

Sewing projects

There have been numerous sewing projects which have evolved and emerged during our preparation. Here is more about them.

Equipment onboard

Time to ensure the vehicle is functional - and a bit comfortable too!

Medical precautions

It’s a long trip, and we need to make sure we can look after ourselves when far from civilisation.

Money matters

This is perhaps the biggest influence of the length of our trip!

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