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While we have been mainly concentrating on the preparation of the vehicle, what equipment should accompany us, and which way we are

driving, our minds have also been mulling over the preparation that we explorers also require!

In essence, our philosophy is that both of us need to be at least able to undertake all duties on the trip, even though expertise may differ.  We feel that in the event of a mishap (a bit of reality needs to be maintained), that either one of us could manage the basic functions.

Like the great explorers before us

Explorers’ prep

Driver Training

While the expedition leader has loads of experience in driving 4x4 vehicles, the chief navigator has had less opportunity. So, chief navigator started off with a big red "learner driver" L on the roads in the UK. This was just to get a feel for the size of the vehicle, its response and handling. After a few drives, this was considered "done"!

Next, onto the public byways in the UK countryside - OK, so not very off-road, but the comfort of not being too far from civilisation, while driving off the tarmac. Again, testing the handling in simple off-road situations was key. Again, after a few drives, this got the big tick.

In an effort to go a little more technical, we headed into the Alps for a short break. This was also coupled with testing living out of the vehicle for 2 weeks, without really being that far from civilisation. We chose not to go into Morocco, as that will form part of the trip itself. There were some good technical tracks, and a challenging off-road course in Val d'Isere, which all provided ample opportunity for learning how to approach difficult sections and feel how the vehicle would respond. Very good experience.

Certainly not done, we aim to attend some "play days" in the UK to keep the skills up.

More info to be added.

First Aid Training

This is an absolute essential in our minds. Any first aid knowledge we have is definitely worth being refreshed. We will both be completing a 2-day "Outdoor First Aid" course and we are considering an additional 1 day "Overseas Medical Intervention" aka "Expedition First Aid" course. We are looking at the following 2 providers (who seem to work together anyway!): First Aid Academy (www.firstaidacademy.co.uk) and Adventure First Aid (www.adventurefirstaid.co.uk).

Update: we are now booked onto an "Outdoor First Aid" course in February 2012, run by First Aid Academy / Adventure First Aid.  We have decided against the additional investment in an “Expedition First Aid” course due to the expense involved.

Update:  We successfully completed our first aid course.  We feel a lot more confident that we have the basics covered.  Not only classroom learning, we also had outdoor practicals with different situations to respond to.  Very useful.

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